Missing Classmates

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Angie Adams
Barry Adams
David Ashton
Linda Bastian
Deidree Baum
Eric Bluth
Brian Budge
Rosa Bustamante
James Campbell
Jennie Capel
Rick Christensen
Spence Christensen
Lorri Clark
Margaret Clark
Lori Clayton (Peay)
Laura Cottrell
Richard Cox
Deirdre Critchfield (Cozzens)
Lynn Davis
Eric Dillman
Kevin Dombrowsky
Mike Edwards
Tracy Ellingson
Eric Fisher
James Glade
Maxine Gorman
Quintin Gray
Mary Jane Hale
Linda Hansen
Carol Hawkins
Shauna Headman
Gille Heimdall (Forbes)
Michael Henderson
Gary Herrera
John Jarvis
Michelle Jenson
Dave Johnson
Rod Johnson
Catherine Jones
Steve Knickerbocker
Laura Lambert
Valerie Larkin
Donald Larsen
Launa Lawrence
Ryan Lerda
Steve Lewis
Patricia Loose
Kelly Loveless
Carol Lundberg
Brenda McAfee
Kelly McGeever
Jill Mehling
Catherine Moore
Nora Nicolaysen
Alan Parker
Holly Parker
Judie Peterson
Emilie Pollei
Phil Rich
Marcie Rider
Jacque Roundy
Angie Smith
Brad Smith
Lynne Smith
Mary Smith
Rulon Snow
Newell Stacey
Coreen Stander
Gaye Stubbs
Cindy Sullivan
Clay Swain
Neal Tanner
Tim Taysom
Jesse Valdez
Breta Walker
Mark Warner
Peggy Washburn
David West
Kevin Westwood
Kathy Winn
Rachelle Worley
Christina Yaeger (Ferwerda)
Loren Young

Guest Members

Tina (Braithwaite)